by Gianluca Di Vito

(The Science of Waves)

Cymatics, the new science, which studies the waves and the sounds that create harmonious geometric shapes.

The Spirit creates through the Word which manifests itself through Sound = Language

The name Cymatics derives from the greek "chima", namely wave.

"In the beginning was the Word," says the Gospel of John in the Bible and in Sanskrit and written in "Nada Brahma" = "The world is sound" - the extraordinary similarity between the Latin word "verbum" (verb) and vibration ....

The Cymatics is a science as old as the world, it is spoken already in the Vedas.
The universe is all one energy manifested by vibrations.
All creation is a symphony of sounds, vibrations, in which the individual parts fit attracted by the resonance with similar sounds.
So Cymatics is a science that studies the forms produced by the waves that is the frequency that can be vibratory, sound, electromagnetic, etc..
An engraved and then talk to the appropriate tone, can also cause vibrations receivable from DNA .... with the possibility of reprogramming the same ....!


In 1787, the jurist, musician and physicist Ernst Chladni published Entdeckungen German uber die Theorie des Klanges (Discoveries on the theory of sound).

In this and other avant-garde works Chladni, was born in 1756 (the same year as Mozart) and died in 1829, laid the foundations of the discipline of physics, that would later took the name of acoustics, the science of sound.
One of the successes Chladni was to devise a method to make visible what sound waves generated.

With the help of a violin bow that rubbed perpendicularly along the edge of smooth plates covered with fine sand, he made the patterns and shapes which today go under the name of "Chladni figures".
What was the significance of this discovery?

Chladni demonstrated once and for all, that the sound in fact affect physical matter and that it has the power to create geometric patterns.
In this way Chladni shows that the sound, vibration, affect really on the matter, so he began to study in depth the topic and founded a new science: Cymatics.

However, it was only in the twentieth century that the Cymatics shooting thanks to a Swiss scientist Hans Jenny.

Using the sophisticated modern equipment Jenny measured, photographed, he experienced the effects of sound vibrations of all kinds on different materials and discovered that the forms created by the sound were predictable.

For example, certain sounds correspond always the same figures, also, he discovered that pronouncing the sounds of ancient languages ​​like Sanskrit or Hebrew, the figures produced, drew the symbol alphabetical that is pronounced.

What Hans Jenny discovered in his research?

In the first place, in his experiments Jenny realized much the Chladni figures as those Lissajous.

He also discovered that if he did vibrate a plate, according to specific frequency and amplitude, the material on the plate was available, shapes and movement patterns characteristic of that vibration.
If he changed the frequency or amplitude, also varied development and the schema.
He found that by increasing the frequency, just as happened to the complexity of the schemes; the number of elements became greater.

If, on the other hand, increasing the amplitude, the movements became even more rapid and turbulent and could even create small eruptions where the actual material was thrown into the air.

The forms, figures and the movement patterns that appeared, proved to be primarily a function of frequency, amplitude and inherent characteristics of the various materials.

Another interesting finding noted that the drawings, which otherwise would be formed, reminiscent of the cellular structures of living organisms.
Jenny became convinced that life is the result of the specific vibration of each cell, in other words, each cell has its own sound, its note.
In the final chapter of Cymatics, Jenny brings these phenomena in a unit divided into three parts.

The generative power lies in the fundamental vibration which, with its periodicity, sustains phenomena and their two poles.

At one pole we have form, the figurative pattern; at the other pole we find the motion, the dynamic process.

According to Jenny these three fields - vibration and periodicity as the background field, and form and motion as the two poles - constitute an indivisible whole, though sometimes one of them might have the supremacy.

In the course of his research with the Fonoscopio, Jenny noticed that when the vowels were spoken languages ​​in the ancient languages, Phoenician-Hebrew and Sanskrit, the sand took the form of graphic symbols of the vowels themselves while on the other hand, our modern languages ​​did not produce a similar result!

How is this possible?

The ancient Hebrews and the Indians knew about it?
There is some connection with the notion of "sacred language", a name sometimes given to both those languages​​?
What kind of quality have these "sacred languages​​", among which often include the Tibetan, Egyptian and Chinese?
They have perhaps the power to influence and transform physical reality, to create things through their inherent power?

With the study of Cymatics there is evidence that the vibration, sound, influences matter.
It demonstrates in a sensational fashion the relationship between form and frequency, a relationship which is the basis of everything that exists.

The sound creates shapes and recent experiences on the wave motion, confirm a link between waves, substance and form, which also concerns all organisms.

All the studies and experiments conducted with the use of wave frequencies, confirm studies and experiences that date back to ancient civilizations according to which every sound, so each wave vibration is in connection with a shape in space, generated by it and kept in life and movement.

From the same awareness comes that famous statement of Pythagoras that the geometry is solidified music.
Scholars have shown us many forms, some geometric, known to us as symbols, crosses, stars, etc.., Are produced by various types of vibration.
So if every sound, wave, movement, thought, feeling, create forms, we too therefore we are continuously creating forms, because we have the same vibratory nature.

Dr. Hans Jenny, father of Cymatics or the Science of Waves, offered us this possibility and made ​​visible the subtle power through which the sound structure of the matter, demonstrating the supremacy of vibration and its effects in nature.
In his experiments he placed sand, dust and fluids on a metal plate connected to an oscillator which produced a broad spectrum of frequencies.
As he watched the sand or other substances organize into different structures, he heard the sound emitted by the oscillator and, if lightly touched the plate, he could feel the vibration in his fingers.

Let us now imagine that, for some reason, you can "only" see the static aspect of the form and, therefore, you think that it is solid.
The idea of ​​a form generated by a vibrational field that resonates and it might seem irrational.
Each figure is instead the visible form of an invisible force, and every form contains information about the vibrations that generated it.
Imagine someone stir the sand on the plate and gates the form....

Within a few seconds, the same form reappears.
How do you explain it?
Only by admitting that the sound has special properties to modulate and shape the energy, that is the matter!

Taken from: Nexus - Article by Fossati Siro (pseudonym Carla Fleischli Corporale, website,

The Power of Meditation - editions de Vecchi

The Word is the action of SOUND - from the first verses of Genesis (Bible) ...

and god said let there be light and there was light ...

The insights of the French physicist Joel Sternheimer about the proteodi, led a series of experiments that confirmed his intuition (the music changes living beings, plants, animals, humans), for which it was patented the system.
Now also in agriculture began tending the fields of vineyards, orchards, vegetable gardens, etc.. to avoid chemical treatments and GMOs.
From the experiments it was also confirmed that not only you can treat diseases and the pests are avoided, but plant growth is stimulated in quality and quantity.
Now the treatment is tested on human beings and already he can see the first successes.

The music of the proteins

"All is vibration": based on this statement, Joel Sternheimer and his collaborators arrivated to the principles and applications of the music of proteins: proteodie.
The basis of these studies are the "frequencies in series" or "resonances on multiple levels".
In simple words, for each protein corresponds to a specific melody built from waves emitted from the amino acids that compose it.
The amino acids, essential components of proteins, are assembled following the directions of a code present into DNA that is copied into RNA Transfer, or RNA messenger.

It is precisely the moment at which the various amino acids are attached to each other that they emit a very specific frequency, and the frequency of the waves emitted is proportional to the mass of the acid molecule.
Are countless the reactions between amino acids that take place at the same time in a cell, and millions are the cells that make a plant or a human being.
So we can not speak of a single melody produced by an amino acid, but an infinite number of vibrations that resonate, amplifying the frequency at different stages of the organization of a living organism.

It comes to frequencies in series, because these waves are capable of communication with all levels of the organism: the different levels of organization of matter.
This is the discovery.
A russian molecular biologist Pjort Garajev and a Biophysical, together with other colleagues also explored and understood the behavior vibrational-frequencial of DNA.

Those Russian scientists also found that DNA produces waves of disturbance in the "empty", generating "wormholes" (magnetized microscopic fields that lie on the edges of fields in the Holes Blacks) that is in the Einstein-Rosen bridge (space-time tunnel) which in fact are areas of connection between the various areas totally different of the universe, through which any information can be transmitted and/or received instantly, beyond space-time.

Death is in fact the passage of our Ego/I, wrapped by our body of energy to the physical body to which it belonged, in the black hole of DNA content in the brain for trasfer into another dimension.

The DNA-Chromosomes, "attract" - receives and/or transmits "pushes" these "bits" of information to and from our consciousness, through the atoms that make up the same substances of the DNA in chromosomes that behave like nanotubes two-way radio!