by Marco Stefanelli


The same problem of consciousness of the observer we have with the experiments of dr. Masaru Emoto, where water freezes into beautiful crystals in presence of positive emotional energy or creates unpleasant structures in the presence of negative emotional energy, as shown in the book "What the Bleep Do We Know" by William Arntz, Betsy Chasse and Mark Vicente and in other sources.
Some of these experiments have been carried out on water enclosed in containers on which were written phrases like "I love you" or "I hate you."

We have not yet seen definitive evidence that Emoto has found a way to make sure that the person under the microscope, observing and photographing the crystals while were formed, did not influenced mentally on the formation of crystals in real time, in order to obtain the result that wanted.

Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist and researcher, has developed a technique to examine under a microscope and photograph the crystals that are formed during freezing of different types of water.
He then photographed the water exposed to the written word, music, prayers, words, mountain water, contaminated water, etc..

It is seen that the crystal structure of the treated water wetsuit when the messages are sent. The water subjected to the vibrations of words and positive thoughts form beautiful crystals similar to those of the snow, the water subjected to the vibrations of words and negative thoughts reacts creating amorphous structures and lack of harmony.
The water is in fact able to record the vibration of an energy extremely thin, defined in the Japanese culture Hado.

The first series of photographs made by Masaru Emoto, came from water found in nature. Water from rivers, lakes, springs and glaciers collected by himself and friends from around the world.

Some waters were beautiful geometric structures, like snowflakes; waters created forms inharmonious and even ugly.

Enthused by the fact that the water seemed to really show in its structure the difference between good water, unpolluted, and water oppressed and mistreated by humans with chemicals, Masaru Emoto began to photograph water of aqueducts around the world.

Even here the water spoke clear.

In the big cities, where the water is heavily loaded with chemicals from detergents, soaps, cosmetics, any types of industries etc., the water does not form beautiful crystals, but amorphous structures that communicate a lack of clarity and beauty present in the water in nature, not influenced by man.

Is very interesting to note that the tap water in Buenos Aires and other major cities in South America with a high degree of pollution, can form crystals enough harmonics.

It appears that stress and bad moods of the people who live in cities can influence the crystallization of water most of the chemicals.
Through the ingenious work of Masaru Emoto, the water gives us another opportunity for reflection to accept and understand that, according to quantum physics, everything in life is oscillation and information.

To further investigate this effect, Emoto was inspired to expose the water to the music for then see his reaction through photography.

Distilled water is used, which in the picture looks like a simple hexagon, without branches and this equates to a water devoid of stored information.

This water base is used for all tests where you want to understand the ability of water to store information.

One vial full of this water is placed between two speakers.
Subsequently the water is exposed to various music tracks from beginning to end.
Then the water is frozen and photographed.
Every drop of water has responded individually to the music listened, but always in relation to the vibration and the musical informations received.













The next step of Masaru Emoto consisted in analyzing the reactions of the water exposed to images and written words, to influences, therefore, no longer perceptible as in the case of music.

In these experiments the dr. Emoto has exposed the distilled water to the words "beautiful" as Love and gratitude, thanks, and so on.

Then he compared the water even with the bad words like "stupid", "devil", "You make me sick" and so on.

The written word is a visible symbol of the thoughts and feelings and is therefore full of vibration and information.

The only difference is that phrases and images compared to the music, is the fact that vibration and information contained in the letters and in the images are based on non-audible frequencies.
The thought live in a realm of higher frequencies of the word.

Lowering the frequency becomes word and if the word is invested with melody and rhythm, we call it music or song.
Not for nothing in almost all traditions, intelligence called God (but each one choose how to call her) creates matter through sound, the verb, the word.

This original word, moving toward the matter, lowers the frequency and becomes form.

In the letter is abstract form, in the biological body that potential turns into life.

The information contained in this creative (create-life) word create precisely the materialized form, the body.













In a second step, Emoto has challenged these capabilities with an experiment at a distance.

He posed a vial with water little good on the desk of his office and sent an e-mail to 500 friends and acquaintances all over Japan, asking him to send, to a precise hour of a prearranged day, their "Chi", the their vital energy to the water above the desk.

Looking at the photograph of the crystal of water, before and after the experiment, we can imagine better because is possible heal people at a distance, if we send positive energy, strong and consistent.

In another experiment Masaru Emoto has managed to gather about 300 people in the early morning before of the sunrise on the edge of Lake Biwa, a large lake Japanese very polluted that in the summer from many years, gave off foul odors due to an algae growing and it covered almost the entire surface.
In a ritual with fire, and sending invocations to the lake water while the sun rose, this group was able to purify the lake Biwa.

Before prayer ceremony at Lake Biwa in 1999

After prayer ceremony at Lake Biwa

Indeed, some time later, an article appeared in the local newspaper said:
"This year the algae that those responsible had to collect from the water, are greatly diminished, and in comparison to other years, the protests telephone because of the bad odors coming of the lake have been very few.

It 's good that there are fewer algae, but we are worried because we do not know the reason "- concludes the article.

After 6 months, unfortunately, the algae and the bad odors returned into Lake Biwa.
This episode pushed Emoto to exclaim: "If, instead of 300 people, we were in 30,000 or 300,000 we could send even more love and gratitude to water and maybe the healing of Lake Biwa would be lasting!

Know and respect the water means understanding and respecting ourselves and the laws of life that bring us love, health, beauty and abundance.

Water is the symbol of feelings.

The dispossession and pollution of the environment and water, reflect a disharmony in our relationships with ourselves, with others and with other forms of life on Earth."

We report an interview with dr. Masaru Emoto made ​​by

"Hado, the smallest unit of measurement of energy, and the birth of the crystal.
Tells us?

Hado is a Japanese word that means "crest of the wave."

This term refers to the energy vibration extremely subtle that is the source of the creation.

Thanks to the meeting with Dr. Lorenzen and the use of MRA (Magnetic Resonance Analyzer), a machine capable of measuring the intensity of Hado, I have been able to demonstrate that water can improve the physical conditions of the people.

After my research has focused on the images of crystals of ice water.

The crystal of water is the sign that makes visible the influence of this subtle vibration, not visible to the human eye, but in degree to influence the matter.

The water is listening to us, it stores on its magnetic tape the vibration of our thoughts and of the our emotions and answers us in the figurative language of its crystals.

This dialogue with the water makes us aware and brings up the image of what we are?

Is difficult to accept that the common man can believe to the concept of dialogue with the water, in reality this dialogue exists.

The Earth, also called the water planet, is covered for 70% of its surface of the water, the same proportion is present in a human body.
The snow that falls on the Earth for millions of years, contains crystals similar to each other but different one from each other.

Each crystal carries in itself an information.
More precisely, the geometry of the crystal is the information itself which crystallizes. The water, through the creation and contemplation of its crystals, makes possible a dialogue with man raising his awareness.

He released his second book Messages from Water Volume II.
In this work, has given particular attention to the relations.
The images of the crystals reflect the result of interpersonal experiences within of nucleuses such as the family, the school and prayer groups.

Yes, in this book I have devoted particular attention to the experience of the prayer and at the energy that it produces.
The experience of prayer has in it the vibrations of feeling and emotion that accompany the word.

The result is a subtle vibration in a position to take action on the matter, modifying it.
In this regard I want to remember, the spell caused by the energy of prayer on the shores of Lake Biwa, in Japan.
On July 25, 1999 at 4:30 am in the morning, 350 people gathered in front of the polluted lake to offer their prayers to the water.
The intention of the people who were praying together was tuned on thoughts of harmony and gratitude. The result was stunning!
The water from the polluted lake before being subjected to the vibration of prayer did not produce any crystal, and water taken after the prayer has been able to produce beautiful crystals for more than six months, until January 2000.
Was the water itself to guide my research in this direction.
The intuition in my work, it is essential ... happen me to wake up me in the heart of the night with the intuition of what I must transmit.

The planet is going through a process of deterioration almost inevitable.
In this regard, she has promoted a project that invites people to send feelings of love and gratitude to water flowing in parts of the world particularly at risk.
This proposal is named Project of Love and Gratitude to Water ...
I am convinced that it is the consciousness of each of us creates our world.
The vibration of love and gratitude can be submitted through our intention, to rivers that run through the countries ravaged by conflicts and wars.
Let me give an example.
Imagine we send our prayers, our thoughts of love to the Jordan River on whose banks live Israelis and Palestinians.
The water, informed by this high vibration of light, will harmonize the earth and those that drink it.

The water, informed by this high vibration of light, will harmonize the earth and those people who will drink it.
Of course there are many regions in the world where there is war and poverty, such as India, Pakistan, Iraq and some African states.
To support and promote this project I created a site,, which is having a large following.

Through this gesture of prayer to water is as if we operated a transfusion to the planet, supporting it with the vibration more powerful....the love".